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“When the cold weather set in last winter, the arthritis in my knees became so painful that I could hardly walk.  I went to an orthopedic surgeon to see about artificial knee replacements.  My cardiologist told me that because of my heart condition I only had a 30 to 50 percent chance of surviving the operation.  No way was I going to take that chance. 

I thought, why not see an acupuncturist and find out if one could do anything for me.  A pharmacist I knew recommended Cathy Chase.  After only five treatments I no longer experience any pain in my knees.  The needles are absolutely nothing to be concerned about and I have had no down-side to the treatments.  I only have a slight discomfort if I have to stay on my feet for an extended period of time.  I have not been back for a treatment for several months now.”   KH

“Atwood Acupuncture has allowed me to be pain free for nine months after 10 years of neck pain and headaches.  I am so grateful for this relief.”  HJ

“I have known Cathy for over 20 years.  I have been getting  acupuncture from her for about 8 years.  She has the lightest, most healing touch I have experienced.  She is a gifted listener and really wants to be sure that her treatment is gently offered and well-received.  Her office is a calm relaxing environment where you begin to relax the moment you walk in.  She has treated me for back problems, knee problems, insomnia, anxiety and plantar fascitis.  The herbs she prescribed for me for anxiety have kept me from going on pharmaceutical medication and helped me sleep again.  I cannot say enough about her training and skills and her desire to understand the full picture of what is happening in lives of her patients.” XF

“I am a firm believer in Acupuncture and have had it for different aches and pains over the years.  My husband on the other hand had never even thought about it.  So over the 3 weeks of very severe back pain he was having we discussed different methods of pain relief.  You can only take so much Advil and doctors just want to hand out the heavy drugs that only mask the pain that leave you with a foggy brain and pain (how fun is that?). I made the appointment and he went in for a session.  And what he told me is this, how amazing to feel so relieved from pain with something so simple and relaxing.  Now, he’s a firm believer too.”  MH

“I had been in continual back/shoulder pain for months and had tried several things to relieve the pain, but nothing worked. Lucky for me, Cathy saved the day with her wonderful acupuncture therapy. I can’t wait to return. Her therapy has allowed me to enjoy each day without pain!” LW

“I have been a client of Cathy Chase of the Atwood Acupuncture Center for over six years. Cathy has seen me through back strain, whooping cough, tendonitis, a stress fracture, and now osteoporosis and compression fracture in my lower back. While receiving treatment from more conventional practitioners- antibiotics, physical therapy, etc. - I know that my healing was and is greatly enhanced by the Center’s acupuncture, herbs and massage.

The atmosphere of the Center is open, welcoming, and very calming. Cathy’s warm, centered, and deeply compassionate care is matched only by her professionalism. The staff at the Center is always helpful, open to questions, and extremely caring. The bookstore at the Center is an added bonus with its fascinating books, meditative music, and serene atmosphere.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Atwood Acupuncture Center, Cathy Chase, and her staff. Even though my medical clinic has a Complementary Medicine Center, I continue to visit the Atwood Acupuncture Center because of the compassionate care and skill Cathy offers." MW

I have a sinus disorder that reacts to sudden changes in the weather or environment, causing severe congestion, sinus headaches and susceptibility to sinus infections.  For years I hobbled along with prescription meds and countless go-rounds of antibiotics.  Now, I rely on acupuncture and herbs, along with traditional western medical treatment.  Under the care of Cathy Chase, it’s been almost two years since my last sinus infection.  Thanks Cathy!!!  Much appreciated   AL